Preliminaries to an Unscientific Look at Jack Collins’ book

Charity.  It’s what I hope to characterize the following musings about C. John “Jack” Collins’ book Did Adam and Eve Really Exist?  Charity towards a fellow believer’s published writing seems to be the best order of the day as well, especially if one plans on being somewhat critical (which it appears to be the case here, though I do hope Dr. Collins will help correct me where I am muddle-headed).  So toward those charitable ends, I must reveal a few of my credos, my beliefs about Dr. Collins, though he and I have never met.  First of all I believe him to be a sincere Reformed Christian who is devoted to Christ and is ill-deserving of the blogospheric pontifications he mentions that he has endured here.  In this same light, I do not believe him to be a teeth-gritting, hand-wringing respectability hound who is desperately seeking entrance into what C.S. Lewis called “The Inner Ring“.  I believe his being a minister in good standing within his presbytery and in the employ of our denominational seminary for almost 20 years ought to grant him the benefit of the doubt from his fellow PCA ministers like myself. And in the spirit of full disclosure, I have had no personal correspondence with Dr. Collins about his book.  I did not feel the need to check with him before hammering out a few thoughts on  his book for the same reason (I imagine) that he did not feel the need to check with me before he published his book (But if you read his acknowledgements you’ll see he certainly has a lot more rock stars in his brain trust than I have in mine. ;))  But all of these provisos, credos, and other forms of mental brush-clearing is not to say that Dr. Collins’ work doesn’t deserve some closer scrutiny.

Lastly, so any readers know what mental drawer to file this under, I titled this post (and any subsequent posts)  “unscientific” for two reasons: 1) because I only have an undergrad degree in a hard science, so I don’t think I am necessarily qualified to offer any thoughtful scientific input on the subject; and 2) because I am not finished reading the book yet and so my comments will be non-systematic, meandering at times, and subject to qualification and retraction.

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