Escapism versus Meditation

Here is a collection of 15 chapters from various published works that have been cobbled together by the folks at the Westminster Bookstore.  While I have only read a couple of the book selections that they have drawn from, the folks at are some of the best curators of faithful Christian literature that I’ve found.  So I commend this collection to you all and encourage you with the director’s words:

“While escapism ignores, meditation, in contrast, orients. Indeed, meditation is more than a helpful suggestion, it is a command for God’s people (Philippians 4:8). Books that expound on the wonderful works of God are perhaps the single greatest tool we have for orienting us towards our creator.”  –Josiah Pettit

You can download those chapters by clicking here:  Read_Slow_Collection_WTSBooks or by going to their website and downloading it there.

Enduring Alarm Moments

“Think about when you accidentally set off an alarm and you hear a sample of what people in crisis are experiencing. There is a lot of emotional noise in their lives; there is chaos… If people seek you out during their alarm moments, they will bring you their noise… We are uneasy in the face of unadulterated terror and pain. When an alarm goes off, we want it stopped… When an alarm goes off, fleeing is a normal response. Alarms mean things are not okay. How can we have staying power in alarm moments like these?”

Suffering and the Heart of God: How Trauma Destroys and Christ Restores